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Main menu

Long press the middle button in any home panels to enter the main menu panel. There are multiple submenus in the menu. Scroll the key to the left and right to select a submenu item or adjust parameters, click the middle button to enter or save, and double click the middle button to exit.



Display Settings


Select this to adjust the screen brightness. Click the middle button to save the change.


Idle Time

If there is no operation to the meter in a period of time, it will enter the idle mode and dim the screen. You can change the idle waiting time before the screen goes dark with this option.


Change the orientation of the screen. Choose "Auto" to make the meter change the orientation automatically with the gravity sensor.

Refresh and taring

For details, see meter settings

Data Groups

Make change to data groups,see Statistics for details。

Misc Features

Misc Menu

Apple Adapter Info

Plug-in in to an Apple PD charger, and enter this option. You should be able to see the following:

Apple Dump


Set the language.


Show the debug menu of the meter


Show device information.