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Shizuku USB MultiMeter


Shizuku USB Multimeter is a all-in-one test equipment designed for USB surrounded devices. Main features can be divided into several parts: Voltage&Current Monitoring, Fast-charge trigger, Capacity/Energy Accumulation, Data Logging, User Programmable Design, Electronic Load (With module SM-LD-00). It's suitable for charger/powerbank tests, factory multi-production and products development.

Specialities compared to old series(Kotomi)

If you've never used the old series devices, skip this section.

1. Provided lua APIs for user programming, to custom your own features or batch tests.

2. Supports extension module (SM-LD-00 is provided so far, modules with other features are under development).

3. More powerful PC software.

4. Internal 12MBytes user data space, for user program saving(Your program can also write files to this space), data logging.

5. Able to view ripple graph of VBUS with internal 3.2Msps ADC.

6. Larger screen(2.0' 128*160)

7. (Super)VOOC/DASH extra signal line is now passed through, enabling direct measurement of devices running (Super)VOOC/DASH protocols.

8. A buzzer is added to improve user experience.

9. A gravity sensor is added to rotate the screen automatically.

11. (Super)VOOC/DASH cable reader.

12. USB3.1 partially supported.


Primary features and spec

Hardware Interface

  1. USB-A full-pin(9-pin) male and female to measure devices.
  2. USB-C full-pin(24-pin) male and female to measure devices.
  3. Micro USB for PC connection and independent power supply.
  4. Extension module interface.

User Interface

  1. 2.0' 128*160 TFT screen.
  2. A buzzer.
  3. PC software UI.

USB Basic Measurements

  1. Current resolution 0.0001A, voltage resolution 0.0001V, precision 0.1%, 0.1%.
  2. 100sps high speed data (Voltage&Current) logging/graphing on the meter, and 1000sps data logging/graphing on the PC.
  3. 5 groups of capacity, energy, time accumulator.

Fast-charge Trigger

  1. QC2.0, QC3.0 trigger.
  2. Huawei FCP,SCP,SSCP trigger,SCP/SSCP smooth voltage adjustments.
  3. Samsung AFC trigger,
  4. VOOC(DASH/WARP) trigger with smooth voltage adjustments.
  5. Super VOOC trigger.
  6. Auto-enumeration of protocols stated above.
  7. PD2.0,3.0 (PPS/QC4.0 included) trigger.

Cable Tests

  1. A-C and C-C cable resistance test without external load.
  2. Normal method A-C cable resistance measurement.
  3. E-mark cable data reader.
  4. Dash cable data reader.

Data Logging

  1. Internal 12MBytes data space, can be used for offline data recording, recording rate 1sps-100sps, including voltage, current, D+ & D- voltage.

PC Software

  1. Basic voltage & current reading and display.
  2. 0.2-1000sps voltage & current logging,
  3. Online/offline record graphing and exporting.
  4. Real-time VBUS ripple graphing, sampled by internal 3.2Msps ADC.
  5. Bare-metal lua development environment, memory status monitoring, code downloading and executing, and a debug terminal.
  6. PD listener for PD development.
  7. Fast-charge trigger.
  8. Screenshot of the meter.
  9. Firmware retrieving and upgrading.

Misc Features

  1. D+ D- voltage measurement,.
  2. Board temperature measurement.
  3. Real-Time Clock.
  4. AC-Coupled VBUS ripple graphing.


  1. meter, for accessing voltage & current readings.
  2. loadCon, for controlling load module.
  3. pdSink, request PD voltages as sink.
  4. fastChgTrig, for triggering protocols like QC,FCP,SCP..
  5. timer,io,sys, and standard library.
  6. APIs are under development, feel free to give advice.
  7. For detailed documentation, go to here.


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